Learn Growth Hacking: Online Courses 2018

Learn Growth Hacking: Online Courses 2018

There are many definitions of growth hacking, but one thing is clear: it is exactly what you need to build your business online, be it agency, startup, ecommerce or a stand alone blog. With this in mind, I’ve been looking for a decent list of Growth Hacking courses for a while, and to my surprise, didn’t find any. My attempts to learn this skillset required some structured list of opportunities to analyze and refer to. So finally I came up with this list of the best Growth Hacking online courses I could find. I plan to update it as I find more decent courses. If you know some, please recommend me the in the comments. Stay tuned! Let’s start.

1) GrowthMaster Training Course from GrowthHackers’s Growth University

GrowthHackers | Sean Ellis | $299 | self-paced

Growth University is an online growth hacking course from Sean Ellis, CEO and cofounder of GrowthHackers.com, the #1 online community for growth hackers with 1mln+ global users. The course is self-paced (you can access it whenever you want, the access is unlimited across all your devices). To get a Growth University’s GrowthMaster Certification you’ll need to score 90% or higher on the final test.

This course is designed for:

  • Marketing leaders
  • Heads of growth
  • Founders
  • CXOs and directors
  • Other experienced growth contributors

You’ll learn:

  • Key growth fundamentals
  • The steps in defining specific growth objectives
  • The process of analyzing growth levers, generating and documenting ideas, prioritizing them and reporting their results
  • The qualities that every good GrowthMaster must possess
  • To structure a growth team and a weekly growth meeting
  • To pull it all together to deliver results

This course uncovers, why growth is cross-functional and what it actually means, the importance of testing and how testing is what actually drives growth, the importance of finding leverage, which is a key concept in growth. With understanding of these fundamentals you’ll be well-positioned to drive growth and run key growth processes.

GrowthHackers’s GrowthMaster Training Course

2) OneMonth’s Growth Hacking Course

OneMonth | Mattan Griffel | $99 | 1 month

Learn Growth Tactics to Explode Product Growth! OneMonth provides a great learning format, allowing you to gain solid knowledge on a topic in just 1 month starting from scratch. This course in awesome starting point for entrepreneurs and marketers to jump in the product growth. In the series of video lessons and tutorials you’ll learn the best growth hacking techniques and practices of today’s most popular companies. You’ll have the direct access to the lecturer, updates and certificate of completion.

The course is for:

  • Complete beginners
  • Promotion seekers
  • Entrepreneurs & Founders
  • Marketers
  • Engineers

You’ll get:

  • 6+ hours of course videos
  • Email, code, and copy swipe files
  • Direct access to me!
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Updates to the curriculum

You’ll Learn about:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • The Lean Marketing Framework
  • A/B Testing
  • Lean Analytics

OneMonth’s Growth Hacking Course

3) Growth Hacker Marketing: The Course

Ryan Holiday | $59, $260, $1.500 | self-paced

This is a short course on growth hacking, PR, marketing and advertising from an acclaimed marketing guru and a bestselling author Ryan Holiday. Curriculum includes: growth hacking basics, product-market fit, going viral, retention and optimization, publishing and book promotion. You’ll get unlimited lifetime access across any devices you own, course videos, case studies and resources. The course includes 3 parts:

  1. Introduction to Growth Hacking
  2. Four-Step Framework
  3. Growth Hacking in Practice

Growth Hacker Marketing Course

4) Growth Courses by GrowHack

GrowHack | $1.000, $1.700 | Various courses

GrowHack offers 2 options to learn Growth Hacking:

  1. The GrowHack online Bootcamp ($1.700)
  2. The GrowHack Subscription ($1000/y)

The Bootcamp suggests to move faster by running weekly growth experiments over 5 weeks. You can choose either an online bootcamp or an in person one ($3.500). Online Bootcamp includes:

  • 20-minute intro call
  • Weekly Workshops & Group Mentor Sessions
  • GrowHack Slack Chat
  • Activation & Retention Sessions
  • 5 Weeks Online Office Hours and Discussion
  • 1-Year GrowHack Subscription ($999+ value)

The Subscription offers access to the largest (50+ hours) selection of workshops taught by experienced growth practitioners. This is one of the largest organized online body of knowledge to learn about growth marketing. You get 1-year access to GrowHack Bootcamp sessions taught by growth leaders from companies like DropBox and Dashlane. Currently 24 workshops are available. Instructor is Conrad Wadowski.

Programs for Repeatable Growth by GrowHack

5) ConversionXL Institute

ConversionXL Institute | $299/mo, $749/yr, $2500/yr

ConversionXL has a really good live monthly online courses and trainings. These guys know how to teach fundamentals of research, optimization and much more. They trained teams for the companies like Google, Cisco, Typeform, Symantec. They offer quality certification programs (minidegrees) on conversion optimization, growth marketing and online psychology.

They also offer a Growth Marketing minidegree program – a 100% online self-paced certification minidegree with practical exercises. It aims to help you become a T-shaped marketer with a focus on growth. Read more:

Growth Marketing Minidegree Program from ConversionXL Institute

This course will teach you conversion optimization, UX and testing. The insights on landing page optimization alone are worth checking out. Topics: conversion optimization research, strategies and management, UX and web design in connection to user behavior, testing and analytics, user psychology, copywriting. You get video courses, case studies, QA sessions with experts, videos of world class growth events. In the end you need to pass the final test to become a CXL Certified Growth Marketing Specialist.

ConversionXL’s courses and minidegrees

6) DigitalMarketer’s Marketing Courses

DigitalMarketer | $47, $495, $995

DigitalMarketer is an online community of digital marketing professionals. Here you can learn how to market like a pro as well. DigitalMarketer offers online classes with and without certification. Currently the following courses are available:

  • Content Marketing Mastery
  • Paid Traffic Mastery
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Conversion Funnel Mastery
  • Search Marketing Mastery
  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Analytics & Data Mastery
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

They also have so called Execution Plans, which are short (3-week) practical plan to reach a particular goal. The most popular are:

  • The 21 Day Launch Plan
  • $10 A Day Traffic Plan
  • Market Research Blueprint
  • Social Selling System
  • The Content Engine

All their plans and courses have detailed descriptions on their website.

DigitalMarketer’s Courses

7) Copyhackers Courses and Course Bundles

Copyhackers | Joanna Wiebe | from free to $11.000

Joanna is a longstanding conversion copywriting expert, everything she and her team creates is gold. Currently 10 courses and course bundles are available in the training section of their website. Check it out! You can learn about conversion copywriting, copy for landing pages and emails, email marketing, user psychology, storytelling and more.

Courses from Copyhackers

8) Ninja Outreach Academy

NinjaOutreach | $37, $197, $497 packages | 3 months


This 12 week (3 months) inbound marketing crash course is for online business owners looking to scale their business. You get video training (weekly 30-90 minute lectures followed by Q&A), cheat sheets, private FB group access, personal consulting via phone/email and office hours depending on a package.

9) White Hat Link Building Course

Webris | Ryan Stewart | $849, $1249, $1949 packages

This is one of the best practical 100% white hat SEO trainings out there. It shows how to do things the right way, scale the business process, build a low cost team and open yourselves up to working with larger, corporate clients. You get: 100+ short videos, step by step PDF guide, knowledge how to find, interview and train low cost freelancers, access to all the templates, private FB groups. You can try the course for free before payment.

White Hat Link Building Course by Webris

When I started writing this post, Webris had only this couse, now they have 4:

Courses by Webris

10) Backlinko’s SEO That Works

Backlinko | Brian Dean | $900 to $2000 | time-limited

SEO That Works is a high-quality white hat SEO course by Brian Dean, the founder of the Backlinco blog. Brian started in 2010 and has built an impressive business and following since then. The way he teaches is super solid and easy to understand. The course offers videos, written content, templates, and worksheets. Course structure (modules):

  • Welcome to SEO That Works
  • Fast Track SEO Success
  • Content Frameworks
  • Content Promotion and Link Building
  • SEO Energizers

SEO That Works

11) Gimme Growth

Gimme Growth | Dominic Coryell and other experts | $500, $1500 with coaching

Here tech’s top growth masters teach pre series-A startups to grow faster. Each of the mentors (currently 14) teaches a specialized course segment. A stacked online course library, live online discussions, a private FB group, tool tips, exclusive discounts and tactical exercises will help you to find your best growth paths.

Gimme Growth

12) Bishop’s Big Badass SaaS Growth Guide

Jon Bishop | Jon Bishop | Free

This is a free SaaS growth hacking guide from Jon Bishop, who currently runs marketing for Periscope Data. Thi guide is a collection of concepts he applied himself at different startups over the years. The guide divides growth into 20 concepts and helps you to navigate your unique growth situation. Each lesson is 0.5-1 hour of work and has a variety of protips, examples, actions, recommended books and courses.

Badass SaaS Growth Guide

13) The Ultimate Introduction To Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking University | Apostle Mengoulis, Savvas Zortikis, Theodore Moulos | $99 | 2 hours

This online course will teach you the basics of Growth Hacking and help to adopt a growth mindset. You’ll learn how to find your most important metrics, model growth, understand sales funnel as well as customer acquisition and retention stratagies, growth hacking tools and tactics, viral marketing and more.

The Ultimate Introduction To Growth Hacking